Lunch Menu

Gourmet Burgers
Bacon Cheese £8.00
with Monterey Jack cheese
The Barcelona£8.00
with chorizo and manchego cheese
Cajun Chicken£8.00
with our New Orleans marinade
with Portobello mushroom, peppers and goats cheese
All our burgers are served on a smoked brioche bun with salad, hand cut chips or sweet potato fries
Old Faves
Ham, Egg & Chips£6.50
Ham off the bone, two free range eggs and hand cut chips
Fish Finger Sandwich£6.50
with tartare sauce and hand cut chips
Grilled chicken and chorizo£6.50
Grilled Halloumi, salad, yoghurt and mint£6.50
Cheese, ham and pickle£4.00
Tuna Mayo£4.00
Chicken, bacon and avocado£4.00
Cheese Steak Sandwich£7.00
Steak Relish, Onions & Side of Chips
Steak Salad Sandwich£7.00
& hand Cut Chips
Steak & Chips£7.00
Fried Eggs
Roast Chicken Sandwich£7.00
Stuffing, Gravy & Side of Chips
Grilled Chicken Casear Salad£7.00
Halloumi Fries£5.00
Posh Fries£3.50
with Truffle Shuffle Sauce & Parmesan